Depoimentos de Clientes

Executivos, profissionais de segurança e de desenvolvimento em empresas de variados portes e segmentos de negócios em todo o mundo já comprovaram a eficiência da tecnologia N-Stalker, e por isso já conseguem ter mais segurança em seus ambientes de negócio na internet.

Conheça alguns depoimentos de quem usa e aprova nossa tecnologia:

“N-Stealth has been invaluable with aiding me in locking down our webservers and keeping them that way. It is by far the best value for the money.”
Clinton Riggs, LAN Administrator, EBTEL Federal Credit Union.
“N-Stealth… a good and strong product is one thing, but with N-Stalker’s service behind it is State of the Art.”
Lars Mansson, Teknisk Koordinator, Conf. of Danish Industries.
“N-Stealth is the best there is, and we actually use it in our training course to show people how effective a single tool can be for their web servers.”
David Wray, Managing Director of Sec-Tec Ltd
“The N-Stealth security scanner is a thorough and robust tool that offers excellent assessment results because of its up-to-date vulnerability database and a wide range of supported target platforms. It allows customers to easily spot Web server security issues during testing, deployment and operation. Apart from that, advanced features such as custom exploits, reporting and mailing, IDS evasion and site mining make N-Stealth a tool that no administrator and technical auditor should miss in their toolkit.”
Martin W. Murhammer, IT Security Consultant, IBM
“We continue to be impressed with N-Stalker’s products and dedication to customer support and satisfaction.”
Paul Woroshow, Vice-President, Expert Systems Resources Inc.
“An awesome complement to our tools arsenal.”
Ed Lamaster, CEO, SystemIntegrity
“N-Stealth is my primary tool for evaluating web servers. Without it, my assessments would be incomplete.”
James Cook, CEO, Cook Information Technology
“Excellent product. It is must have in your security toolkit.”
Alberto Cardona II, DDB Americas Security Manager, British Petroleum
“N-Stalker’s apps are so excellent and not expensive, so as an individual penetration tester I always recommend N-Stealth to everyone else.”
Kenji Yamamoto, Security Consultant, Digital Forest Inc.
“N-Stealth is my favorite tool for web scanning. There is a very detailed analysis of this famous software in my book.”
Marc Ruef, author of Hacking Intern